Monday, September 12, 2005


Exam is JUST over the corner and i'm still not yet preparing well ! How? Terrible feeling...just like back to form 5 ages, those understress-days...Now, again! I hate exam!! Why must there hv exam? Aikss...such a silly question...Exam reali makes my life miserable...cant on9 as I wish ('s onli common saying, i'm still on9 as i wished..hopeless student..)cant watch tv as i like ( altot my tv-watching time still da same..6--8pm every weekday)cant sleep in class (otherwise i'll feel so guilty seeing others so hardworking when i'm sleeping..)cant ponteng when i'm in a lazy mood (people will keep on blaming you for lazy-ing, hey ! it's my life !)Now, odi 0017 hour, and i'm still sitting in front of my laptop, typing words, posting this post, completing my blog...reali..terrible if others noe wut i'm doing exactly.."WHY ARE YOU STILL SO RELAXING? AREN'T YOU SHUD BE BURNING THE MIDNIGHT OIL?" come-on......
I shud gv myself "some" stress!!


soli, not suitable to put my add here... not a comments ..

yes, to some extent we need some stress that can drive us to the best! hehe...