Thursday, September 08, 2005

Modern genetics technology

Genetic engineering; restriction enzyme; process of making identical copies of target DNA; process of making cDNA; steps to insulin production by recombinant DNA technology using natural gene or cDNA; gene libraries; Uses of recombinant DNA technology..

This is what I learned in today Bio lesson..Although feeling so sleepy in previous lessons, but today's different. Quite interested and excited too~~~keep on askin' PnLau bout hyperglycemia, hyper tension, anaemia....

After skool
Chapter 4--Photosynthesis ( Finally I'm able to memorize those
glucose-converting-steps+enzymes involves+number
of ATP being used up....)
Chapter 5--Respiration ( Just started, haven finish ..seems like
tonight have to burn the midnight oil again..)
Chapter 6--Nutrition (Short chapter)
Chapter 7--Gaseous exchange ( I incharged of this chapter..thank
god i've completed it!)
Chapter 8--Transport in Animals and Plants ( Bee incharged of it,
well, still waiting for the answer for when's da time for
opening and closing of valves..)
Chapter 9--Skipped
Chapter 10--Nervous system ( chapter again..this
chapter...seems like got a litle bit trouble-->those

4pm, back to home-sweet-home.


hi, " ni hao"...
mm, ur blog are nice and can i ask how to put music like ur blog do in to the website?

wah... u need to study so many things? =P

well...these are onli a few chapters in ONE subject arr...sei mou...:"(