Thursday, September 28, 2006

A "new" post

Title a new post, but in fact i'm writing all those grandmother-stories again, ya, again. All about what am I doing recently. And, in fact, nothing. Feels like busy, busy with Pesta Tanglung's stuff, busy preparing, busy wf lots of assignments and projects, presentation,bambered by pressure and scolding, and yet, i'm started to feel bored wf what we called --"U's life".

E'day when it's time to wake up, my first thought was "can i skip class?", okay, jz try hard to persuade myself--"U mz go !wake up !"

you know?pressure. u may say it okay, but others never will. Even u done it well, u'll never get praise. what u'll get is just "what've u done?","u guys are bad enuf","what a worst presentation is dat?"

life's becoming uninterested for me, feels like doing nothing instead of keep on busy wf sumthing; feels like wanna cry, but failed to do so;feels like wanna lie, but there's jz nobody bside me; feels like wanna rest, but d truth is u kenot do liddat; feels like wanna escape from wut's jz burdened me, but again, u can't.FRUSTRATED.