Saturday, June 12, 2010




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1 - 貌似“浸猪笼”的葬法,就是把尸体放进笼中(注:这是某种组的葬法,与犯不犯罪无关)

2- 从前广用与Sungkai, Slim River 一代的葬法。所以住在那区的朋友,若看到这么一堆石头,千万不要多手搬来bbq或多脚拿来踢石头哦...

3- 据说,首个 Perak Man 被发现时就是这个样子(在我看来,曝尸野外是比较笼统的说法)

4- 不知哪个种族的葬法,就是把尸体放在boat上,随波逐流~

5- 还记得吗?Form 1 Sejarah 里念的 Zaman Neolitik 人的葬法,就是在尸体旁放一大堆陶器(陶器!那个时代的象征)

当然还有马来人与印度同胞的葬礼与棺材展览,只是... 忘了拍~

有点庆幸自己是华族,至少棺材比较美一点...No offense对了,千万不要把钱存进棺材里,太不值得了,反正死后还不是睡在那么一丁点的空间,然后either被烧掉还是埋掉还是丢掉...就这样,罢了。

Monday, June 07, 2010

Is he a Psychic?

1. I would not apologized for not updating this blog consistently, which in other way I already did, and done it repeatedly.

2. Still in collecting phase for my Sekinchan's picxie, so....

Anyway, here I am to share a story.

Last Friday, I was taking Transnational, on the way going back to my home-sweet-home, Ipoh.

And here's a guy, name Hazman, (sorry that I exposed your name on site, and hope you won't sue me for that)

He's really a good talker, in a sense that he makes me feel like he's a psychic, or whatever, kind of freaking me out.

He was sitting beside me, this guy, Hazman, like usual, start a conversation by asking

"Are you still a student or working?"


"How old are you? 23?"





And this guy was such a good talker that he started sharing me his family's background, what's his brother's job, telling me his past-broken-heart-failed-relationship-that-the-gal-can't-wait-for-me stuff(which doesn't really matter as I-am-not-interested-AT-ALL!)

And then all of a sudden, when I was almost able to fall asleep with his boring and uninteresting stories....he throwed me a BOMB





Shocking silence, followed by my O-shape and Unbelievable-expression, stared at him.

"Oh-haha, it's funny"

Of course it's a not funnnnnnnnny joke, but this guy, seems like not giving up and not planning to shut his mouth up, keep on talking all by his own, while I am really trying so hard to pretend that I fall asleep, really, I need a sleep.

And then this fella asking me

"I still don’t know your name, hello, I am Hazman, what's yours?"


"Oh...Bell Ng?"




Another huge surprise.

"How would you possibly know my name?" (And then I figured out how stupid I am to admit my name in such an answer.)

"It just flashed into my mind, Bell Ng...."

Silence remain.e.d.

"It's really nice to know you, where you stay at Ipoh? xxxxx ?"

Another freaking shock! He got the correct answer !!!

I was able to remain calm externally but not internally, c'mon! Somebody please?

"Haha, then I would come to pay you a visit! I bet your father would definitely sweep me out of your door for that."

A simply nod as a simply dot for this conversation.

I arrived, safely.

OK, maybe I took this too serious, but hey, I lived in such an unsafe community, my parents told me not to speak any words with strangers, even I used to get my Moral subject for an A, but still, N-O! And apparently breaking the rules makes you a bad child.

I wished for a silent journey next time.

Attached with a video from Ming仔, I am his biggest fans!

You've been stalked!

And it sounds as terrible as "I'll be back!"