Monday, August 28, 2006

blur----that's what i give d meaning to my life now~

What am I suppose to say? Well, not any special but ordinary. Everyday just busy with loads of assignments and projects, well it's kinda good and no problem to tackle with if you know what are you exactly doing or more accurately , what you should do on the next? But that's the problem, that we don't know what we should do on every assignments and projects! We get the topic, but don't know what our tutor actually want, and we just finished as what we thought it should be. Grand huh? Be a student like this is not THAT easy least you have to qualify the qualification that "YOU MUST KNOW NOTHING!" infact you sure know u understand what am i talking about? for example, it's more difficult to get straight F's that straight A's in SPM, isn't it?

And recently there's something weird happened on me..I found that everywhere I go or anywhere I visit (of course within my cat-area-college), there'll be at least 1~2cats "looking" at me...or more accurately "staring" at me..fearfully. Knowing now is still within d month of Ghost, i cant able to not-think about those scary things...and 1day it's reali so "cheh" till 1 totali black-shining-cat jump over my legs!!! damn scary! and today, i'm shock when there's a loud "bomb"--i'm sure i was not going crazy and it's totali...i'm not lying with, and i reali get a huge shock of that until i "jump" up!...and there's nothing instead of dark scene...and it's 6:51 in the morning...

planning to go back home-sweet-home on this coming Thursday, 31/8/2006, our National Day. But there's somthing halted me, that 1 of our LOVELY tutor announced that "there'll be a quiz on 1/9/2006"...will you believed that?!!!As i know others tutor are kind enuf , they change or cancel all courses for their students' welfare, and how bout us? .... Kind enuf huh? but since i'm not a good student though, "i strongly believed" that i won stay com for 2 days for the quiz...haih...bad bad gal...and i lost those marks...juz hope that i won failed in my exam ler--

tonite is my first-ever-paper since my U's life, exciting enuf....this kind of memorable moment shud b remark d..haha....wish me luck k?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


wtf ! Lastnite received a letter -- Congratulations! U've been invited to attend our MC's training courses start from 9/8/2006.....realy a sucks!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

FTSM Faculty Night 2006/2007

How am I suppose to start? We've prepare all the way just for tonight and here it comes...Things happened and thanks god we're able to go thru those hard times and yet we gain something--friendship !

Since our jabatan won lastyear FacKing, so for this year , we are the organiser of d night. Jack , our ex-king, help so much and plan so thick just to make up d night..

Altot there're some unhappy things happened b4 the night, our jabatan's sketch cant find a proper person to play d role of "nv zhu jue"!! such an important role and there's empty! and d night is just around the corner !! luckily and...reali sorry to LiYeen, she had to handle wf this and terpaksa act as nv zhu jue altot she's soooo busy with her own things...pity her din get enuf rest and yet still hv to act..thx alot!
and for our candidate LianLing and KeanTheng, appreciate them too. Practise alot , dancing, singing just wish to have a great performance. And sometimes I felt like so guilty for not doing my job well...Evonne, my MC partner,who's another jabatan's member just follow our schedule all d way altot she got her own performance too!! whereas i do nothing , just play d role of MC and doing nothing, din prepare script , din take part in jabatan's performance...but..mayb i'm given a reason for not taking part?MC mar...hehe...

Here comes d day...haha...quite excited cz that day not oni FTSM Fac Night but oso others fac, so from morning till 3 sth, me n evon bc setting our frens look--evon hair stylist n me make-up profesionist..haha...we help omos 15 ppl that day! quite satisfy with our effort since ebd jz booking us for their own fac night and com nite..eerm...

Reach Equitorial Hotel, wandering around doing nth (din memorise our script oso), when it's time to start, we start panic...damn shit that e'things change at the vl last minutes !!We unable to say anything on the stage!! Din hv cat-paper, suddenly being requested to stand at the middle of stage...then the person who incharge of time-setting (cui chang) din catch our time n when we announced "performance start", and the team that suppose to b on stage still haven prepared !oh no....cold man!!
Both of us just cant do or say anything just wait the time past....slowly...
But thank god again, when the performance start, both of us begin to fit into that situation and handle those problems that come to us...finally, d day past. and all of us get high and excited when it's omos finished! free dance, cheering, voting....
then the FacKing appears--from our jabatan !! this is the 4th year we won d ! haha...

and we ask our senior, wut u think bout this year MC's performance? (since Jack told us secretly lastyear MCs do badly....) he said, it's reali disappointed at the beginning but u 2 can handle the situation later and do it greatly! u 2 din disappointed me!
u noe....this is precious! and not oni him, many senior oso praise us lar..for our vl 1st experience, we gained sth here...altot buat malu @ starting lar...but better than "sui sau mei" lar~~right?

for more image , pls view

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bad News...really bad indeed

Just get a news thru sms saying : Congrats! U've been chosen to enter out 2nd round interview of Pesta Tanglung MC's interview. Shud I feel appreciate for that? Guess I don't instead of i did? Althought I treat it as a precious experience but for this time being I really din hope to face it again....right now!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My schedule..FULL!

Oh gods....There're really so much things to do and I've so less time to spent! Know wut? For now and so on every Tuesday I can only wake up and attend my course at about 0640 until....7pm for my last course--TITAS, then straight away need to rush to FSSK attend d meeting which will b held on every Tuesday from 8 to 10?! Then it's just the minimum minutes that I've ready to spent...guess when it's time for me to back to my college and have a rest mayb, it's about 12am--in the midnight...Terrible..And sometimes it makes me feels like i'm really like an iron-woman ...mighty go !
And that's what I can't avoid.....

Then dunno what happened, for the past few days my fac senior had JUST announced a news to me--that I've been vote as MC for my Fac'Night, which will b held on this Saturday--which the candidate (me n my fren, both, though) have TOTALLY ZERO EXPERIENCE in giving speech or entertain fellows, which had no idea "do we need to prepare any special script for that?", that both of us just plan to do nothing and wait for the night to come and pick up da mic, speak SPONTANEOUSLY perhaps during the night....will it b successful?let's see..~~~

And for the last-past-day, I syok syok go and interviewed as UKM's Pesta Tanglung MC--it's a nice experience for me, though, for I've no idea b4 entering the room, that what would I face during d interview. I'm reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly lucky for have been chosen as the very first person to enter the room.(sounds like sarcasiastic...) For the first scene, 20++ seniors in formal wear (wearing KOT+TIE!)waiting for my entering in d air-cond-super-duple-cold-room.Knock, enter, without greeting any1, sit in d middle.

"write ur name ..... on the board pls."
"can u pls introduce urself?"
"#$%^%$&%*&()" -- that i finished in 7 secs.
"what will u do if u face *** situation?"
then here comes omos 10 situation for me to handle...well, just answer using common sense..
"can u share a joke with us on the spot?now?"
"ok so let me share somethings funny that happened on me myself : #$%^^^%&"

"thx for attending 2day's interview, we'll pass a letter for u if u've been chosen to enter the 2nd round, thank you and good-bye."

stand up, greeting thx n bye, open d door n exit.

And i think I've present my best to them, and I'm quite satisfy with that.But, I really din wish to enter the 2nd round as's tiring....