Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shopping Spree

Haiyo, Bell popo is not a rich girl lar…sumore Bell popo din work for any part time during her practical period, so this time is DEFINITELY a super BIG bang to her because…

( FACT 1 == shopping centre is a BLACK HOLE! )

Some more these are just tiny necessary things in her daily life!
Please save her from bankruptcy… (For the God sake!)

I’ve told you right, refer my last post, I’m damn poor but yet, I’m a big spender….

Stop BULL-SHITTING! Let’s show what I’ve spend..YOU’ll probably faint since it’s not anything worth to SHOW-OFF….haha…proof that Bell popo reali poor till ar…wan buy shirt also cannot jor…reali geh, anybody wan sponsor me? I’m readily open for LELONG now ... haha

Since Bell popo kinda tall, and she just bored to wear high heel during her practical, here comes a flat heel lor….

TSC dark brown leather ladies’ for RM31.90

And after 2 weeks of damn bored working weeks, Bell popo found that her cupboard was so empty for OL look lar!!
Cosmo Nexus Gray Skirt for RM39.90
Cosmo Nexus Brown Long Sleeve Cloth for RM29.90
Cosmo Nexus White Tube with Crystal for RM12.90
(All 3 are MUST objects! Girl, try to look for this shop, not bad-eh…)

HOHO, have a look at this…

SORRY ar…it’s not ghost hair lar!
Come nearer…
ELEMENTS black knitted scarf for RM13.45

(WOW WOW WOW! THIS is my proud-est result ! After discount just cost me RM13++, and it’s so fabulous that you can even cut it yourself if you think that’s tooooo long for you! Then make it bcum 2 scarfs?haha…)

ELEMENTS brown thin belt for RM9.90
(AGAIN, girls, pls, PLEASE! Visit this shop for the cheapest yet ber-quality stuff!)

Bell popo is not a lenglui, so sometime she’ll do some little surgery on her face lor…paiseh paiseh
( Latest product by Maybeline, I’ve tried it – SUPER WATERPROOF, SUPER HEAVY looks for… clubbing? Haha…but it’s great! Under discount now, go and grab it, be fast!)

KATE super sharp liner (black) for RM32.00
(Just wanna have a try since people keep on recommended this.)

Of course, Make Up Remover is supplementary for make-uppers~~
NEUTROGENA deep clean cleansing lotion for RM20.61
(First try, not bad  !)

Haih…and Bell popo’s shampoo being stole-jor remember?
Terpaksa buy again lo…this time buy cheap cheap shampoo enough lar!
If somebody steal it again also won’t heart-ache so much mar …

Hehe, everything you can found in WATSON, that’s why I loved it so much.

(super big bottle…and it’s so SWEET!!)

And never the less, the source of happiness~~
PRINGLES 2 for only RM6.90

And…Bell popo just past a terrible week, make up everyday, yet wash with ONLY WATER!
No make-up remover, no face cleanser, no, NOTHING!
And thank God, my face still okok belaka…haha (Don’t throw eggs to me lar….)
TheFaceShop Aloe Cleansing Foam for RM29.90

Nah Nah Nah, no MORE shirts right? Just little stuff already cost me….haih….
Although for you it might be only a small small amount of money-hor, but for me, this poor little student, I think I need to starve for at least 1 month already…

Welcome tender….



White Tube with Crystal for RM12.90 is really tai wor... but where is this shop ah ? @_@

btw why the potato chips and shampoo put together de ? all in ur bathroom ah ?
u eat while u shower ? er...wash hair ? :p

ahh... i wanna go shopping also, sobsob... i super long time never go shopping liao..perhaps for half a year @.@

haha..dis weekend im also wan go shopping d..yea..

but, the tube too expensive oni jz nid 9.90 haha...

btw, keep ur thg baik baik lol...

迷迭香 -- 非常简单,因为是一起买的~~哈哈~
很神奇哦!2罐还好好没吃完哦!因为这个礼拜忙到--忘了吃它 :P

the shop @ the mines...如没记错是最高那楼,靠近卖digital,手机那边

xuanjing -- why ler?no time?no money?kekez...dun worry, malaysia has manyyyyyyy cheap stuff to shop if you reali wanna shop...but dun go gardens ar...pavillion hill ar..klcc ar...those place lar

yeng -- rm9.9 oni for plain tube lo..but here plain tube oni rm5...kekez...i will keep my things baik baik this time

long time not going to shopping liao