Friday, July 04, 2008

Good-Bye .... My Friend

by Spice Girls..

Have to leave this blog awhile as my sweetest holidays gonna end soon.
What's your mood now?
"Please...leave me alone..."
Ain U gonna miss here?

Good-bye, my friends, my blog, my ....

I'll miss streamyx so much for the first time.

Say you'll miss me...

anywhere, hope that we can meet SOON.


dear frendz, i will be THE 1ST people miss fast cum bek here waiting ur latest new..

2more days, we wan enter our pratical le...hope 2 of us can handle all the problem...


i jz hope my life will be fully enjoy~~kaka...u noe things do better than nth to do wor

u oso, dun eat snake ar!kekez...


Will miss your blog..... :rf:

miss u & take care....