Friday, July 11, 2008

1st week @ KOMPAKAR

Wow, I'm still alive!
Tell you I'll be well adapted to any situation mar :rf:
anywhere, talk about my room first.
i thought it's a clean room, i thought it has a clean toilet at least, i thought it would be comfortable to stay in this little packed room for the rest of 5 months..

and yet, one day, i finally take my bath when im still wearing my cons..
oh my god! the wall is so disgusting! the toilet bowl is soooo dirty, the floor is so ugly!

no idea, i've to wash it ah sum jor..

and hor, 1st day @ KOMPAKAR, still ok, colleagus so nice...

2nd day, task coming liao...

mapping of reports la..match the report with 6 sites lar, check the latest updating la...bla bla bla (oh i haven told you dat i work at KOMPAKAR eHealth division, which is specialist in designing system for hospital @ malaysia )

faint! dizzy!

1 have 1 file, inside have about 100++ reports, and i need to match with 6 sites!! which means that 6 * 100 == 600!


every time just about to finish hor, something happened...whatever, we need to redo...

after the very first task, which i thought that we might, maybe , possibily done it well, my 2nd supervisor gave us second task -- testing the new running system..

this 1 more headache la...whole day face monitor until my eyes also bengkak, sight power bcum weak jor la...


cici camcam cici cam...


ur task is quite easy for u lei...mine whole week..all abv 300pg..nid understanding all coding..those coding we din learn b4..winCE..haiz..then today start edit the coding..wana kisiao..

anyway..we jaiyou together...

haha...i haven start my work yet...nothing to do in the company,sien~~~

haha...better than me...i read document for whole week...each document 100 pages n above...1st week past alr...still hvnt finish reading...-_-|||

hI gal...hope you can enjoy your 6month work lo..hehe.... when free will go PJ find u..hehe...take care

yeng -- u noe wut?dat 2nd supervisor lastime ask me sth "u noe hw to write script?nvm...nextime i teach u.."
think of this i fainted liao...better DON...haha

chee jie si -- ur company itu..nth to do wan so many ppl dunno for wut..

yeeshyuan -- ano ano...fiona oso said u so cham ..1st day ady vl bad luck right?

darren--wait u oni~~

glad to know that u are still in one piece hahahaaa....