Friday, July 18, 2008

my shampoo...ALL GONE!

Bell popo story time again, WELCOME BACK!

After the story of Bell popo lost her shampoo, today something weird happened again.

8 in the morning, Bell popo's roomate, Sylvia went to the toilet and came back with a face of frustration.

Sylvia -- "My Darlie toothpaste hilang jor...."


You see you see, nowadays even toothpaste also got people want to steal ar! Frenz! Be aware ar!

So is it proof that Bell popo's shampoo kat mana ler?

Today no plumber le gua???

Luckily Bell popo's newly bought Darlie still put inside my room, aboh, my toothpaste will gone AGAIN! That time I really "blood no return" lolz...
(P/S = because I found that, the toothpaste of some one else also hilang jor...also Darlie! This time conclusion is, the "thief" like Darlie geh!)

Then hor, we gahgahlee go down and ask the aunty.

Sylvia -- "AUNTY! my toothpaste hilang jor ar!!"
Aunty -- "HAR?WHY?WHY?"
Sylvia -- "How I know ar...?"
Aunty -- "You took to your sister house izit?"
Sylvia -- "I bring to my sister there buat apa? Unless I mong jor lar...."

Then we start to wonder, should we put a toothpick on the door so that when somebody enter our locked room , we at least know ar?

Haih...about the aunty, still got part 3 ler..

I just found that, there's even a forum discuss about the AUNTY!!!!




walao..macam ni pun boleh???itu AUNTY soo poor meh??ok lal..nw dun hv bukti say tat all thg is her BRING jor..but, ur hs gt how many people wor..

frenz, u dah masuk a thief house d...

pray for u..

bcoz hor...afda we go out, the house is NO PPL jor geh...

sumore...khaiwan said...thr's a forum open specially to discuss HER!

she'll sumtimes suddenly enter your room and do spotcheck!!OMG!!

har??then y nid the key to lock the door??no point lol..

spot check wut oo??scare 3 gurl do wut wor..hahahaha

u dunno d aunty...she reali suddenly can cum in ur room and check whether d room clean anot ar, or u got bring anything like rice cooker or see see u gt switch off the aircond main switch anot liddat lo (according to thr forum)

but 1st day hor, she reali cum in when we're not ard and switch off the main switch...yer yer yer..

wah hey...she scare u all waste electrik nei..they ur "gui zhong" d barangan gt hilang mor??realli kong pu..u all better keep ur thg baik baik..

move lah move lah,
dun stay in thief house.
anyway, whr is the forum discuss?
i wan have a look :P

i macam very sui hor?

that forum link is

go n have a look~~~


toothpaste also lost?
crazy betul -_-