Saturday, July 30, 2005

Rain's 3rd Album -- It's Raining

01.The end which it wants doing 想说的话
02.It s raining
03.I do
04.Familiar face 熟悉的脸
05.11 days 11天
06.Quiz 盘问
07.My groove 沉醉
08.Me 我
09.Biggest thing 最重要的事
10.Wanna talk 想要聊一聊
11.But I love you 然而我爱你
12.searches 寻找
13.No no no 不要
14.To you
15.I love you

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Full House -- Song Hye Kyo

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creme ar creme...u really attach to rain lah...hoh...this is already his THIRD album...cant imagine...he is so funny in full house indeed..creme, gambateh lah ha...

haiyo...creme you really "siao" rain medicine can help you liao..

walao ye~~luv this place sooo much!!thx for sharing tis wit all of us...but too bad i cant c sum of the pics...=(