Sunday, July 10, 2005

here's the song--"if i was invicible...then i could just walk through in your room..." dunno who's da singer ( what i noe is he's a he n one of the american idol who lose da champion...i guess?), n i got this song from my dear fren--jess--n i like it very much.Sometimes, i was thinking, wut would i do if i was invicible? perhaps act like the HollowMan and walking here n there doing sth that i cant do in my whole-life-time? ya...this is undoubtly good idea..but wut would i do?i cant...aiikkss....
A saturday night with the clock showing 2050, i was again sitting here n drop a few words for my blog. nothing, today is nothing, woke up early n went to skool 2 take my report card ( wf mum along ), n i wonder it was "my" report card day or my mum's "fren-reunion-day", she's just met her few frens since we walked into the skool compound till we walked out. n then, back 2 home, slept till 1300, took a bath, driving, attent my chemistry tuition class (n this reali make me sick n felt guilty that i din do the homework again..hopeless), bek to dad's shop, take the car to service, bek to home. boring life.
Again...if i was invicible~~~~~~