Friday, July 22, 2005

How am i suppose to start? Actually there're so many things keep flashing into my mind and it's a bit mess and i really don't know how to rearrange and start to write about it...and i really din feel that my english is "that good" until i can express myself/thoughts using this language...but wut should i do? "Practice makes perfect"!perhaps....

Well, there's something happened between our class (U6B3) and our form teacher -- Pn.Suguna, few weeks ago. I din really remembered wut happened. It's just one day, our monitor told us that Pn.Suguna was not able to enter our class : her husband was being heart attacked and he's in emergency. Honestly, when I heard about this news, I juz felt that there's nothing to worry about. Perhaps I'm that kind of "not interested in ppl's thing"? Few days later, she came back,told us about her husband's condition. That moment, i realised that she's just an ordinary woman, who needs love, who needs care, who needs a shoulder when in sad, who's just not only a teacher. I use to think that a teacher is like a queen, so far, so strong. But today, I realised that she's just a little women, who worried about her husband, who cried in front of her students..And i do, feel touching for her love to her husband. Later on, Rong Ean suggested " what about we make 1000 paper cranes for her?"And this time, for the second time i realised, "not bad ! our class oso can be very co-operative !" And finally, we are able to made it! The moment when we passed the box (which is FULL of LOVE and HOPE) to Pn.Suguna, once again, she felt so touching and said that we make her so guilty coz we do so many things to her and she dunno how 2 thank us...

For the second story, it's about the drama--Full House. Aiyaya!! Rain is so cute and muscular man ! Muscular doesn't mean that he must be very MUSCULAR like THE ROCK or Arnold, but his figure just suit his height and shape! U noe, sometimes some artists's figure just din suit their shape and outlook. For example : Bae Yong Jun. Last time his "half-naked" photos just surprised e'body -- it's so ugly ! For another main actor in FullHouse -- Song Hye Kyo, she's so cute ! I like her characteristic in this drama, if compare to the one in Autumn In My Heart. It does not mean that I dun like her,but i just some how dun like to watch the sad-sad ending story.Ok, let's come back to this drama. Juz finish watching episode 4, and i feel so "angry" coz the "authorities" oways cut the scenes till all EXCITING scene oso DIMINISHED ! damn...nevermind, let me persue my mummy to buy da CDs (izzit possible? i think so...perhaps i shud persue her saying HyeKyo so pretty and Rain so cute and da story so funny + interesting....just anything and everything i can do to made it success~~)

As you all know,19-7-2005 was da releasing day for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and the months before i already pre-o da book.Yes, finally get it ! The bag's so beautiful! Purple in color.And i remembered that day when i took da book from MPH and go for the wet market in JJ, everybody seems looking at me ---- my book~~~This really make me feel proud of it, hah! But how? Now i really dun have time to enjoy it, even the Order of Phoenix i oso haven finish reading, CHARMED, and oso da DaVinCi's many books have to read...( why i make it sounds like i was being FORCED to read those books ler? Very interesting wor..)And recently, i fall in love with this writer -- FUMIJAN 敷米浆 -- he's a taiwanese, mayb others will feel that this writer is nothing more special but he can use such a simple word to express himself. His story, normally talk about love matter, touching. His style is somewhere very similar with another famous writer -- Hiyawu 藤井树, but not all...I dunno how to explain, somehow this writer juz playing with the words. I'm not saying that he oways use those strange and hard-to-understand-word but as contrast, he juz use such a simple expression and yet it goes deep inside your heart.

Recently, especially after getting the MUET result, e'body seems like nervous about their future : What band shud i get if i want 2 enter university? What band shud i get if i wish to enter xx course? What band shud i get....Honestly, I've no idea about it. I dunno what course should i take, what's my plan for future, and wut i'm gonna do later. I felt no interest in science subject, especially Chemistry ( Bio's better ).Then what shud i do? Courses like Pharmacy, Medicine and all those high-qualification I'm not qualify to enter...Long long ago, i make up my mind to choose Interior Design, but mum said it does not guarantees my future altot she din showed her not-supported. And now, i still like this, but i have an alternative interest: Travelling Management. But, this oso, does not guarantees...hah...actually, i heard many ppl said that they choose what they need but not what they want, but izzit necessary? I mean, if i'm not happy with my own choice, what for i force myself to study it? Altot now, i'm really dealing with this question, dealing with the shit STPM...scratching my head now..ARRR!!!

Another Friday-Night-Fever, time that i'm waiting for whole week. Guess i should stop at here?