Friday, August 12, 2005

I used to think that Ipoh is a lucky-go-well-city, where it still remain "clean-air" while other cities already in a very worst condition untill PakLah announced "DARURAT JEREBU" at certain state...well, i think this statement is wrong...totally wrong when today's passby rain bring along those haze from southward....aiikkss...since morning, i keep on breathing in the hazzy smoke n this really make my headache problem flared up again..i cant even see the ipoh parade clearly! even a few iron-man in our class fall sick n absent 2day...and finally,comes the moment i've been waiting for -- going back to my home-sweet-home, thinkin that finally i can escaped from those hazzy smell...but again, that's wrong ! some "uncle"s came and sprayed the mosquito-repellent incense while i'm just having my little nap on the sofa, awake and surprised that i cant c anything except "blur-scene", and there's still some NO-SENSE and NO-BRAIN guys burning around in my area ! Cant they just pls concerned bout other's health ..a bit ?!! ARE THEY BIRDS?CHICKEN? OR RICE BUCKET?!! small little child oso noe we cant open-burning at this time lar ! STUPID !hate headache get worst again....n that's not the end when i found that a grass-area near my house start burning (mayb bcoz of dry weather or sbd just throw the puntung rokok there...)...WHAT A TERRIBLE DAY ! make my pimples come out ...seperti "cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan"...haha...

Really ! Altot i tell myself that we cant blamed others for these kind of situation, but i do cant help myself blaming da Indo's !! Why are they oways encumbered others ? I cant forget about what they do in the past !! like lastime, they caught and raped those chinese-women....;and oways "curi-curi cari makan"at malaysia,yet this is not the problem, but they do caused many criminal cases !And omos e'year they'll burn their forest for their own purpose,without caring bout the environment issue that e'country facing 2day !AND FINALLY, today i heard the good news from our statistic teacher--pn chee, said that Indo's government finally agreed our BOMBAmen to help them put the fire off...OH PLs, when come to this moment cant they just accept our help without thinking ?Again, frustation words come out...I do hate INDO sometimes...dun blame me for using harsh words to express myself, i'm not apartheid, yet wish to travel some of its' places like Pulau Bali, but i do realy very hate their riot actions!!AIkssssss......

Anywhere, hope tmr's situation will be better, coz i really dun want to attend d "ganti-balik-classes" during holidays...pray..( altot i'm atheist...)

where is our klcc n kl tower?


yalah, im totally agree with you..(haha, we are like in the speaking test..)
but i think the condition may be worser in these few days..the haze is blowing towards here from kl..may be..actually i also dont want to ganti balik the school day..
so plz...haze ar haze... u go lah...i wont miss u ...u better leave fast fast... Kolien..anyways i think you can get through it lo... kambateh in kuching can see blue sky,white clouds :>

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