Monday, October 17, 2005

6th Form Graduation Dinner 2005

my cucu -- MO SHIN !!

Si Lai Zhu Jik -- Mun Joe~~~~Yeah ! "dou zi guai ngo tai nan bei gam dong....."

Maria--Hui Shan~~so cute today ~!!!

HOIYO ! here comes our prettyyyyyyy class monitor ah jie-- Yin Fei !

Class Form Teacher- Pn. Suguna

6th Form Society AJK 2004 and our teacher advisor--Pn Lau & Pn Chee....say CHEESE !! YEAH !!

PA teacher --ESTAN

Chemistry tuition teacher & our school Assistant of Management-- Mr Hee

Chemistry teacher--Mr Liew

4 In Luv ~~~~~ Best Fren 4eva~~~!!!

Jessie and me~~~best fren 4eva !

till here first........too much to upload, too slow to transfer.


gal, you got a natural look, very nice!^^

hehe...means i din put lotz make-up izzit~~~
yea, feeling quite lucky for din do that~~