Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Walking around Christchurch

What are we doing in the second day?
Still, staying in Christchurch, it’s time to kick a start.

So we decided to go to the South City Mall, where the only IRD branch in Christchurch was located. 
Frankly speaking, it’s quite enjoyable when you walked on the street in such a cooling weather, but it’s not fun, not at all, when it’s windy, and all you have is only a cotton jacket.

After the IRD, it’s time to open a bank account. 
Not sure what are the differences between banks at NZ, but we chose ASB simply because it’s hard to find a bank after the massive damage of the City Centre, and ASB is the first bank we met. 
(Of course, we listed some banks like Kiwibank, BNZ but gave up all when we saw ASB, finally, in one of the container of Re:START. And it said “Temporary Bank of ASB”, HURRAY!)

Yay, everything’s done! Let’s have a look around the city.

The Re:START city.

It’s a temporary city after the earthquake. Like what you see from my previous post, the heart of Christchurch is a mess. Life goes on. Re:START means a lot to the Kiwis, hopes and revive, it’s like a button to click start for the whole rebuilding project.

Unique huh? Containers as shops.

Bridge of Remembrance

Every city has its own story. This bridge is to commemorate those who sacrificed during WW1.

Sergeant Henry James Nicholas VC MM

Sergeant Nicholas was awarded the Victoria Cross after leading an assault on a German strongpoint at Polderhock, Belgium on 3 December 1917 during World War 1.
He was awarded the Military Medal for gallantry in the field in a separate action in 1918.
Sergeant Nicholas was killed in action 19 days before Armistice Day on a bridge at Beaudignies Village, near Le Quesney, France. He is buried in the Vertigurul Churchyard, Romeries, France.

Urgh, another photo to show how melancholy the city was after the incident.

See the collapsed roof of this tower?

I guess every major city has this…directional signboard?

Here’s the one in Christchurch, oh yay, don’t overlook the Casino behind, where we really did pay a visit without trying any single game inside. It’s small, really small, with only 4 games available: Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Slotting machines. BORING

Christchurch Art Gallery

Canterbury Museum

“Lo These Are Parts of HIS Ways But How Little A Portion Is Heard of HIM”
How much you inspired from this quote?

Armstrong Lawn of Christchurch Botanic Gardens

See how colorful the flowers are?

Making calls in this Garden, try our luck to get a job in our second arrival day. 
Guess what? Thanks to Facebook we actually get one. But wait, it’s suspicious I have to say, it’s too good to be true. It sounds pathetic that I don’t really believe in luck but I always have a good one, God I Love you, whoever you are.

We actually heading to the Central Library Peterborough but it closed at 6pm.

Argh, it’s 6:20 pm now :’(

And we really wish to settle things down since we got a job at Levin, a small town located in the South part of North Island. Things like flight tickets and bus transfers really getting my head cracks but thanks to my dear team mates, they are really good in making deals. 

Okay I contributed nothing but I support without making any objection. This is seriously the best I could do ß says to my dear team mates, TQVM J

(I have to say, I hate objections and too much suggestions sometimes when I don’t asked for it. Too many choices bring chaos and it never comes to a perfect solution. Says I’m dictated whatever.)

Guess what? We ended up stealing the internet line outside the library. 
It is freezing cold as I always said and we couldn’t felt our feet and hands. 
And I noticed that it’s really bad when you couldn’t touch your touch-screen-mobile with gloves on. 
When we settled, it’s 8pm. 

Let’s call it a day.

Bell popo's Handy Tips:

1 – The only IRD Branch in Christchurch located at South City Mall. And there’s a library inside where you can have free Wi-Fi. Library is always the best place to get free access to internet.

2 – There are banks in Re:START city. Consider it if you wish to get an account of ASB or KiwiBanks. Not sure the others but you can try.

3 – There’s an I-Site counter in the Christchurch Botanic Garden, besides Canterbury Museum.

Good Luck.


love your quote, it reminds us that being a Christian is not only a status but how many really practice it as a lifestyle in the modern world today?

P/S: you really done the whole post in English, thought only the names will be in English *so touched*

Nath - Muahaha, for the sake of other readers (cheh say like i've so many readers)

Btw can practice my poor english-mar XD

You can also do your IRD stuff at the Work & Income office over at Riccarton Road. ;)

And as I've said before, your English is not poor at all :)

most of the time at there, i also using english to wrote my blog,broken english,lol!!

i also choosen ASB last time,just simply i like yellow!

Spirit of backpacker huh?thank!! you guysss