Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tough Job I would Say

You’ll never feel the ground with your shoes on.

Teachers, parents, the senior one always tell us, “Don’t waste a single rice on your plate, as the farmers working so hard to get it harvested.”
Now I know this was so true.

Nah, see my cheap farmer look.
Urgh I'm so exhausted.

First day of working as a cheap labor a.k.a cheap farmer brings me to hell. From 8am – 4pm (overtime sometimes if we can’t finished the lanes) what we doing are pretty simples: bend down, find a mature Zucchini which must be in a perfect shape (or else it won’t brings me money but I’ll be called to front and get some questions), stand up, walk one step further, bend down, find a mature Zucchini which must be in a perfect shape, stand up, walk one step further….repeatedly until all the lanes are finished. It’s like we are pumping from 8am onwards until the minute we stop working.

Hohohoho, this reminds me of my old time, where my mum used to punish me when I’ve did something wrong. Yea, the best way is pumping.

“100 times pumping and counted it out loud!”

“1…2…3…4…5…100, MUM FINISHED!”

“REDO! I did’t see!”

“WHAT?!!!!!!......1…2…3…4…5…MUM LOOK AT ME I’M DOING! 6…7…8…9…100 MUM FINISHED!”

“If you repeat the same mistakes again you know what you deserved.”

“Yes mum…”

And if you think the steps above already tough enough, then you’re wrong.
I’m wrong.

Second day of working makes it better, (practice makes perfect I guess?) I barely feel my feet, my waist, my back, my everything but we are doing fine, probably perhaps we’re numb? Anyway, second day we are doing good so I make a conclusion that days gonna be better and better and Imma gonna be faster and faster…

But I was wrong again.

Third day of working not just brings me to hell but the hell of the hell.

We’ve been asked to go to a new farm to cut the very young Zucchini (you know we gotta cut a few times of young Zucchini in order to let it grow in a better shape. Guess Zucchini is trying to “practice” to grow in a good shape too) while taking good care of it by cutting the grass (no grass allowed).

So this small breed, with even smaller leaves and shorter stems and lower in height, makes us bend down even further to get it cutted. Call yourself lucky if your lane has no grass.

Can you imagine we have to get this done within 2 days? Yes and we did it.

We spent 2 hours to clear one lane.

And wtf the last few lanes was really a mess. Grass grown high even covered the plant and I have no idea but to squad down to get the grass out of its way. Try and squad yourself in home for 10 minutes and see what happened. Legs are numbed, feeling dizzy, can’t get yourself standing straight? And we’ve spent 4 hours doing this!! 4 hours of not being able to stand up but just SQUAD DOWN!! I ended up crawling on ground and I couldn’t stand to bend down anyway and I couldn't stand to squad.

Thank god it’s finished. All of us are crying. And tomorrow gonna be a long day to repeat this until this is done.

Thanks for reading.
Good Luck.

P/S: Sorry-lar, not a professional writer so please bare with me with the grammar mistakes or whatever words that makes you wonder, I'm trying my best already-lar ~~


Haha, wow... its like military training! Keep you alert with all the different kinds of things to do too!

No worries, sexy body coming up :D

Nath - sexy but bruises all over :(

Devil body line waiting u ahead, make sure u face n skin dun turn into devil like also. Stay angel ok? haha


macam banyak terrible punya job leh..