Thursday, March 22, 2012

After-Job-Review as Cheap Farmer

It's 22nd day since I've been in New Zealand and by the time i write this post, I am at Rotorua, a city which is famous for its natural hotspring and breathtaking scenery.

Before I start talking about how beautiful is this city, let's have a quick review about my cheap farmer life.

Basically it was really fun, I have a bunch of funny housemate who also as cheap as me (LMAO) but please don't mind that I posted your precious photo at here.

Hey you, it's P&C and you know it.

Although it's just a very short time memory but I do enjoy the time spending with you guys....I miss you already :'( and I feel like I won't be able to see you guys in the rest of my life which makes me LAGI SAD :'(((((

Ellie, Jerick, Mika, Tatsuya, please do keep in touch ya ^^

Nah just to show you-hor, even when we're cheap farmer we still have our style one ~

And the life of cheap farmer is pretty simple, wake up, prepare for breakfast, start work, lunch time, finish work, take bath, prepare dinner, online, chitchat, sleep.

As you can see, despite cutting the Zucchini, we actually spent a lot of time preparing meals.
Yea, the only entertainment available at here.

(Erghhh I don't know why this stupid uploader just couldn't make my photo in a upright position.)
Anyway, I think I really got talented XD
Bell popo can cook! and You Know What?
My philosophy is "You can cook, as long as it's cooked"

Hey don't judge okay? It's nice to see and nice to eat also ( Analysis from the testimonials I've got )

My current trials are Mozzarella Pizza, Devil's Choc, Fried Rice with XYZ veges, mashed potatoes, Cheesy Broccoli,...(to be added on soon).

Oh ya, this is a job review isn't it?
Let me show you a sneak peek of something.

This is what I get after 12 days of working at Zucchini Farm. Bruises everywhere. And I seriously suspected that I've got some weird disease or something.

This is too much isn't it?!
You probably asking me why and what the hell was happening and now I can tell you.
Each of us get these bruises and please don't be surprised when I said so.

We ran with a bucket with us to put in the Zucchini and when it's too heavy loaded with Zucchini and the bucket knock on our leg, this is what happened next.

Anyway, the job is tough as I said before, but it was fun. Real fun especially you have funny "colleagues" with you.

Please, my "colleagues" are actually very pretty and handsome when we're not farmer okay?
(I said "we", which including me XD Hao Lian Dao!!!!! BEH TAHAN!!)

 Oh Gosh I'm Sorry for my other new friends that I don't have your non-farmer-photos!
(We gonna meet soon in Motueka right so....hehe)

But still, the money cannot support our luxurious life lar so we choose to ciao XD

Officially . <- FULLSTOP of my life as cheap farmer (but still is cheap labor)


ur leg... how come!! ?


我想到纽西兰working holiday 很久了。
可以向你索取任何详情吗? :)

小鱼 - 当然没问题啊!要问什么随便问吧~欢迎!

Nikki & Jath - :'(

at least you had awesome friends/experience :D