Thursday, March 08, 2012

Life at Levin

It's true. There's no free lunch in this world.
People says: The more you get, the more you gotta pay to get it.

Think in this way, you go and interview, the boss tell you: Your monthly salary will be RM10,000.
You think it's so easy to get that RM10,000?
Then you're wrong.

Same case goes here.
After we got the job, it's so suspicious as I told you, too good to be true.

Nah, let's talk about the toilsome part later.
Share you some pics of my current living place.

It's a small town call Levin.

And I'm staying in Tatum Park, the owner rent it to the Company (Kapiti Green) that I worked for people like us.
(Cheap Labor? LOL)

Oh please don't judge. This is the Reception Area of Tatum Park. I'm not staying inside okay XD

Instead, I'm staying at the block beside the park. There's a large garden-without-flowers-but-grass in between us but it's fine. Green environment I'd say.

The corner of my Living Hall. It's comfy looking right? I know XD

Sneak peek inside my room. 

Nah the bed in right cover with Blue blanket and hide all my stuffs under my bed hope nobody can see the messiness -- is mine :)

Wanna know what I actually see from the window of my place?

Okay, share you another sneak peek of another side of my window.

You know what? There's actually a huge garden beside our house!
It's like a little maze inside there :)

Last but not least, the signboard of this lovely place.

That's all for today, share my job to you next time.
Thanks for reading.

Good Luck.


love the views from your window <3



suspicious. suspicious...

Beautiful scenery.