Saturday, March 17, 2012

Have you seen Galaxy before?

Something happened in the farm and there’s a decision to made, whether to stay or to leave. It’s glad to hear that when we’re actually decided to leave (if possible) course we really can’t save much, okay, can’t earn at all with this job. There’re not much Zucchini in this season. Well, part of me wish to stay but another bigger part of me wish to leave; it’s unknown circumstances out there, again, and I’m quite fed up already (LOL why am I repeating the same thing again and again? Job seeking no matter at Malaysia or NZ, pity me)

Anyway, can’t tell what my next job is until everything settled down. So one week past, and I’m here to share you one amazing photo. One really amazing that I bet we can’t see this in our whole life (if we stuck in Malaysia for the whole life I mean, okay I’m mean now).

Here comes the one, the starry night of my place, it’s just Levin.

Can’t see clearly? Click on that picture for large view.

Can you see that?!

It’s awesome isn’t it? I called it Galaxy. Can you find some constellations in this photo? 


you can see this amazing view @ my hometown :p hopefully you'll get another job soon

@Nath - Really?!! Where is your hometown? OMG I never see this in my hometown!