Thursday, October 16, 2008



年尾 count down 要去那里玩?不要云顶 please! 还有我们是穷书生考虑一下budget 问题~~

List :
1. Pulau Kukup ( and this is not a good idea, rather go S'pore >.< )
2. Cameron (Yea!!)
3. Finally got ppl suggest just go clubbing enuf la....good meh?

any others?


Penang Gurney Plaza...:p

we go at johor de pulau kukup lar..not expensive de...and can eat a lot of seafood there...

pulau kukup got wut to play wor? nice anot? ard hw much neh ??

my mum went to kukup once oso...i heard she says quite dangerous wo sit on the board...wan so risky meh?

go pulau langkawi can eat seafood, and in addition can have different kind of 'beverages' with cheap price compared to anywhere you could list.

dangerous ?!! hw to say 1st ? we like adventures but xlike dangerous wor...

langkawi again ar...we go b4 liao ler ~~ hehe...malaysia dun hv any MORE happening places liao meh..?cham nya...

heard tat d boat very terrible one wo...if fell into water...errmmm...u imagine lo....not tat safe...if u take boat la...but sure nid oso....

SO TERRIBLE?? banana boat meh ??

不妨考虑下Pulau Pangkor~

pulau pangkor 班友最近才去了一次,而且也是某个人的家乡,不爽噢``

Can i join also?

i don think cameron gt count down feel~

cameron diam diam d lo...haha...but we can enjoy ourselves d mar :P

haha ... come penang war museum la .... can hike can c can watch can learnt can take photo...somemore quiet also la ..can SS ..

my hse..pulau papaya..

where is kukup oh???? cameron ??????
sound weird la ~~~~~~~~~~ come kuantan le ~~~~~~

PULAU papaya lagi funny....

reali gt this pulau gah??

i wan go cherating lar!!!

i wan go cameron also...!