Monday, August 04, 2008

Report on past week

Something really annoyed happened outsde the door...

REVERSE TO THE DAY BEFORE...(Imaging you're actually watching HEROES with erasewind ability within *ME* ..haha)

1 day, when I was taking my comfortable yet relaxing bath in the toilet (bull shit!)
and suddenly I saw an image of COCKCROACH flashed in front of my view!

If I were in Kajang, I might probably SHOUT without any adjustable control, and because I @ PJ now, and wondered if I need to actually respected the others, i shouted with just a short second and shutted my mouth with my own hand of course...and I don't even dare to make a confirmation by wearing my glasses to see whether is IT that thing...whatever, after that, it flew on my hair, and again I shouted, and rushed out from the toilet with towel cover my whole-wet-yet-bubbly-body and cried to Mee3....

And then the 2nd-Aunty ( aunty's sister--2nd Aunty, who stayed here without any reason for weeks, and haven't moving out, YET!) shouted downstairs " QUIET! EVERY NIGHT SO LOUD FOR WHAT?"

Every night? ARE YOU OK?
We're certainly good people okie?

Anywhere, as you know I'm not a well-attitude-person (Just sometimes, ok?sometimes!!!)
For sure i do a "small-small-fight back" d mar..

"Aunty not good lor!! PEOPLE see terrible thing sure shout d lar....kenot gah?"

Sylvia came back then, with her aunt's curry chicken and ABC soup, asked us go downstair and finished it.

"Wah, got soup wor...."

2nd Aunty " SHH!!"
Ooo....aunty watching TV.... is that mean, WE CAN'T EVEN CHAT ???
Aunty you so got face hor??
Who are you oo?
We pay d ler!!!

Then Sylvia hang her clothes, that weird 2nd Aunty dare dare came in and stared at us, d feeling is like...WHAT ARE YOU 2 DOING? STEALING?


Can't really bare with that aunty lar! Fire also came ady....

Finally, Sylvia asked me to put the curry chicken into refrigerator, put-lor...of course the 2nd aunty so worried that you don't know she's actually looking at you, stood right behind you after you switched on the light and opened d refri..


30 minutes later, our 1st Aunty came back ady wor...2nd Aunty so fast action go and complaint so much and she really dare dare took out the curry chicken from refri and QC!!

What a shit house!


mi..y got such many FUNS aft u stay at there?
itz reali funny la..haha..
jz tahan la..since u r not staying long at there..
i'm here2wait4ur cuming back leh..

nth cn say...speechless..

pray for me mar....sob

Just ... god bless you for this few month...haha..