Friday, August 08, 2008

Happy 080808!!

watch out tonigh 08 !!

Finding TV for d grand opening...

World peace for 080808!

Lets pray togetha~


hey hey
at mcd nw watching olympic ceremony

im open astro c live..haha..soo great!!!the open ceremony firework (foot print) realli impression..

wow!!i watch it thru aunty's tv lo...altot snow more than fireworks la, better than nth

malaysia's team like pumpkin wor, bt luckily quite tidy oso =P

d fireworks reali superb lor...but d way they burnt the torch abit surprise wor..i tot is panda cuming out ?

yaya..the firework is vl great n amazing..jz the torch nt special...sien..

BeLL ! BeLL !
Happy 080808!

wow... u get to watch the snowing version ah ? :p


Good job~ Beijing~