Friday, July 25, 2008

how to remove THAT?

Guys, ask you something.

Is it when you open this page, an adver saying "anda telah memenangi..." pop up?

could sbd teach me how to remove it?


where u got it from ah ?
i use blocker also cannot block >.<"

i oso dunno ler..sumtimes it makes my page HANG!! wtf...urs oso?

mine oso....but mine din hang la...

ooo...thx for ojibala, now the problem solved ady luu~~~

is it virus?=..=

chowsc86 -- dun worry, it's jz advertisemen :)

no la... sometime it may prompt up..sometime it wont prompt up...

just ignore it lah

i don't know how to remove it...
i oso kena sometimes...
i juz ignored it since it's harmless... :)