Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Useful tools to share

1. I know it's abit fool to introduce this little software here but it helps alot! Perhaps some of you din't really know about the existance of this right?


U-know-lar...We always need to present using laptop right? (OKOK, i know some are using desks but nothing lose to know new thing, right?) And you start to present using slides...

ARR, why does I can't have a remote control so I need no to stand beside my laptop and keep pressing down? (Exception for Mac laps here....their components just too strong to beat off!)

HAHAHAHA, now everyone can move around!(SOUNDS like AirAsia slogan - now everyone can fly!) With this little software installed in your computer and handphone as well, your handphone can be your remote control! You can operate your powerpoint, on/off your music player, play games, lock your computer, bla bla bla~~

OK, actually I loved this because it makes me abit more "yeng" oni lar....haha, since not everyone know about it, so when I start using it then people may ask, "OMG! WHAT IS THIS!SO HIGH-TECH?"

zzzzzz =.=||| I know you'll show me this...blek


Thanks for sharing..
I don't really know what is bluetooth remote control..
I'm using Mac all this while..

hahahahaa...since i buy my laptop..inside ordy gt this software...hahaahah...jz i seldom use my laptop to present niah...wakakakaka

haha,long time x comin' because busy for mid term