Friday, June 20, 2008

I Hate I Hate I Hate Hate Hate!

In my recent book of Bell's Journal, I found that I am a person who lived in my world, with my own.

I hate being somebody, or be treated as somebody, as I hate somebody act like he/she is SOMEBODY!

This makes me sick.
All right! I know that somebody really enjoy to be somebody!
But, friends, when you try to expose yourself as somebody, please do consider others as SOMEBODY also.
The Earth is not revolution on YOU!
Really do hate when somebody just neglected and put others as nobody when he/she tried to (and always do!) express him/herself.
They think that why you people not care about me?
Why you people act so sick?
Why you people (sarcastically) so stupid?
Oh, I told you I would not do if bla bla bla...
I told you you're bla bla bla...
Why don't you bla bla bla...

Friends, do consider other's feeling while you're being yourself..
Is it somebody told you that being-special-is-COOL stuff?
This just show how ignorant you're!
Stop being childish ok?
This world is not as simple as you thought!
Compromise upon is not always the best policy!


chill ~ i know how u feel...
in actual fact all of us are special...
if somebody thinks that he is the only one who is special, maybe his world only consists of himself ~ ^_^

so good that you really understood me..
really cant stand wf those megalomania!

totaly agree wif u...
but..who let u soo angry at dis moment wor??

cool down cool down..

im pointing to nobody oo..haha
nola...forget about it

Just chill babe...
I agree with 迷迭香.

We are special, everyone is special. So, you don't have to act like one.

Cheers ya :)