Thursday, June 05, 2008


Nothing more grandmother's story I can talked about that, keep on sighing for such inflation-chain situation.
Counting on my monthly fees (only for FOOD, entertainment exclude!) RM 300,
house rent on both place 1 month later RM300,
and now, petrol RM330 monthly...OH MY GOSH!
Wondering how can a poor student like me can be able to afford such a number of expenses per month, my car eats more than me! really sucks la!

never think of such a small town actually hiding lots of car, friends keep on sms me (and thank God, msg-ing is my only entertainment)
lamhoong * all the car in XXX come out, the atmosphere more geng than national day*
yeeteng * 3 cars more for my turn...*
sinsiew * oh yea...i fin refill, go bek now..*
blah blah blah...


OHHHHH!!! 2034!! my turn! please remember this fantastic four digits, may go to magnum later...
and something stupid happened.....KENOT USE CREDIT CARD lar AMOI! the petrol gal told me that..

fine...but that shit fella just push in her dunno-wut-card and not using my bonuslink...keji enuf la!! why am i so stupid to not stop and asked her huh?

fine fine fine lo...luckily my cash-on-hand still enough for my refill...and i've past her RM50..
final billing rm43.03, and she supposed to return rm7 to me right?
here's the happening.

she gave me 6 notes of RM1, while there're still afew rm1's notes in her hand...and i started to wonder...

"hello...i thought you should return me rm7?"
and with my blur+steam+sleepy+stucked mind i gave her rm1..from my purse...
and....guess what she did?
she took my rm1 and give me back another rm1 (which's on her hand just now... =.=)
"miss....any different?" i asked...
"SEBAB U PUNYA BILL..." sambil tunjukkan bil saya...

with her innocent look, my mind already full with a word...人头猪脑!
speechless and wordiless to descibe such a stupid fella!
at the same time some "special gangster" start to buat-bising just beside my car..
suen lar...rm1 give her lar!!

haih.....super damn bad mood today...


pity you have to tolerate with stupidity...

cheers up ya!

take it easy galll

malaysian government reallie siao
keep on up up up d oil price niaa