Sunday, March 30, 2008


Guess what? I named myself as "spendthrift/prodigal" recently, neither Im rich to spent nor I spent because I'm rich....please, NONONO! Me, just a middle-family-gal here, okie? Duh...

But according to Hazel , that we spent bcoz we cant control ourselves from spending (thanks ya Hazel =( )...oh yeah..sales fever now, everybody rush to shop am I right?

Haih...whatever, Mum, Dad, I'm sorry, really sorry okie?I promise, after today will be another save-month for me, just for this month, please forgive me....actually I've done nothing right? ....
Small case only-mar......din buy branded also ( well they said I sounds like quibbling...whatever...)

Due to both of my devils-like housemate, here I am, to post what you gals done to me...


(Left to Right)
1. Nexxon Hair Smoothing and Controlling Lotion , rm28
2. Unique Mineral Essence, rm45
3. Unique Digital Softening Balsam, rm48
4. Plex Pro Hair Styling, rm17
5. Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Upload Style, rm45

1. The Face Shop Eyelash, rm8.90
2. The Skin Food Pearl Eyeliner, rm1x-2x, forgot-jor..
(what for buying this? Learn n try lar....)

Skin Care
Don't ask me why, I'm just simply TFS supporter...for the reason - my skin really terrible enough....
1. Pore Minimizer Controlling Toner with Powder, rm49.9 ? or rm59.9 ?
2. Ice Flower Hydra Emulsion, rm69.90
3. Herd Day Cleansing Foam, rm38.9 ( why is this cleanser damn expensive?I don't even realised that?!!!DAMN...)

Fashion're right, nothing special but I need'em...well Im proud to say that these stuffs just bought on request...haha....should I say that?
1. Grey Short Sleeve with inner fade-gray-T, rm39.9
2. White Half-Long Sleeve+ black&white ribbon, rm39.9
3. Yellow Semi-Formal Shirt+White belt, rm39.9
4. S&K straight-cut jeans, rm13x

uuhhhh...........well these are what u gals do and make me itchy to go there* again...
honestly I just fall in love with the pleasant white one....haha..cost me rm17.9 only~~(after 70% discount ofcoz.)
others....let's not-mention it, as I've forgot also =P

to my dearest friends, for the coming summer blessing April, please leave me alone, no MOVIES, no SING K, no SHOPPING, no CAFE, no BUFFET, no DINING above RM10!! this cute girl okie?

p/s: For those who've been asking me for SHABU-SHABU, MARCHE, ITALIAN/JAPANESE, FUSION HEAVEN, TIBET BLAcKAVA, KOREAN BUFFET.......can you guys wait for me?haih.....or BELANJA ME lar...hehe...I'll be glad if you do so for SURE!!


i am using this too: Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Upload Style ^_^

but my frens now are changing to Redken, i might change too... :P


blame urself.....oni u can help urself


God will only help those who help themselves... =p

haiyo....fyeen, say me liddis, no fren loh u!i will help myself don worry, not even in money-spending matter, but oso about the 8AM matter!!!u wait n see!