Friday, November 25, 2005

HOLIDAY's life

Well, here comes holiday, I have been waited for such a long time, and here it comes. Feels like......extremely FREE, really free indeed. Wake up at about 12pm, having lunch instead of breakfast as the first meal, watching drama series as much as I can (since there're SOOO MUCH dramas waiting for me..)playing computer games without feeling guilty, having my bed-time at about time table was totally upside-down recently. Well, feeling good. Planning to have a jog on evening, but too bad, Mr.Sun was in rest these few days...Planning to have a movie with friends, but too bad, no money for it....Planning to have a swimming course with friends too, but too bad again, I din have swimming suit and this is not yet the main problem...since I'm too shy to show my elephant legs...HAHA..too much to do and less to complete......Yeah~~
Last but not least, still haven clean up my bedroom since the floor was decorated by books and notes and papers all the way from the door to my bed...lazy to do so..well...mum, i promise,TOMORROW , okie? And, those books that I haven finish read or haven start to read oso, ( HP5&6, Da Vinci's Code, Mags...) hope to finish it too.Oh yeah, my beloved novels....back to me finally~~~haha.......