Saturday, July 08, 2006

what a sucks week!!

finally here comes my university's life, well, it's reali a sucks! not as funny as i think!
for the very first day after i've registered for my hostel, take all the stuff from car to room, cleaned it, then change d pinky kolej T, go to the "camp-site" to gather, then heard those PCs giving speech, blah blah blah dunno wut's going on under d vl hot khemah, here comes d bedtime , 2am, haven take bath, haven put all my things well in d place, but hv to wake up at 4am...jz sleep 2 hours ! oh god! cant imagine how to survive liddat, i'm well known for d name sleeping pig n now..??

2nd day, again, dunno doing wut actually, go here busy there jz for those registered-stuff, playing those uninteresting n makes me feel sleepy n dizzy games..again comes d time omos 3am, bed--wake up 5am oso, 2hours sleeping, wake up.

3rd day, 2day's better cz we hv to register our course according to faculty. luckily my faculty near my kolej, walk to there, register, 12pm, go bek kolej n hv a nice sleep--4 hours resting, reali makes me feel that these few hours is d precious gift from god, altot oni 4 hours, cz others haven finish their registration stuff mah.
again same schedule, sleep 3 hours, wake up, morning moral attention, hv "breakfast", go for taklimat, sit sleep sit sleep wake up lunch sit sleep sit sleep lunch sit sleep sit sleep day gone...again 2 hours sleep. seems like having enuf resting time huh?NAH !! tired thatn b4!head feeling dizzy reali, eyes dried, mind flied...jz like a zombies~~~

5th day's sth happening. till d nite jz b4 ptptn taklimat, those pc dunno y suddenly sial sial jor.scolding . shouting like put fu at us, jz bcoz they felt vl disappointed at us upon our attitude, lele lela saje; then sial bcoz those votes we voted b4 d day are reali a suck 4 them--we're voting for the best pc--then sbd jz vote for "pc paling menyampah" "pc paling menyibuk" "pc paling...." those negative they jz felt like not being respect by us, disapponted ; summore there're 4 malay-guys say liddis to a malay-gal pc:"if u still acting liddis u'll not kahwin seumur hidupnya la !" then here comes those unnecessary shouting n crying ...
then those PCs jz marah sangat crying like cats n dogs, shoutinbg :"kalau tiada kami apalah kamu sekarang ni?" "without us u all r nothing !" "menyampah betul kami tengik kamu semua ni" "aku tak nak peduli semua ni lah !aku nak pergi ni!"........
reali ! what a shock...over 600 malays guys n gals jz lost their mind, shouting, minta maaf to them, crying, hugging them( actually is block their way from leaving)

in my mind for that particular time , i jz think of :"if u din help us so let us go bek n filled in d ptptn form lah...dun waste my time watch them crying n shouting's useless!"
well....cant leaved jz liddat, nanti semua malays think u're #%$@$^....soi jz sit there loh...pretending like vl kesian, waiting n appealiung for their maaf....

around 3am jor..we still doing nth..finally berjaya memujuk them lar ( wrote over 736 letters n surat janji we'll change our attitude, grate them for helping us...) thx for the 4 malays guys who say those things to d gal, thx for the 1 who vote for those things...