Monday, July 17, 2006

here start my life~

Kinda miss my home-sweet-home bleh~~actually it's not so much to sen but as a "procedure" must list it out mar~~jz bek to ipoh on 15/7 n hv to cum bek to this place of hell on 16/7...u noe d feelings jz...FEELING UN-OK!till now oni i hv d feeling of homesick~

here's my life over d past week--coz of my beautiful course-schedule, e'day i've finished my lecture at 1pm n for the rest of my time i'm reali scratching my head thinkin n planning of wut shud i do to pass my time usefully..n one day, after my first n ever IT lecture, bek to my hostel tot hv a nap b4 having comes d problem, my whole college has no water supply! oh god!!can u imagine u jz cant go anywhere wf ur sweaty body wf d uncomfortable feelings as well? so i jz go bek my room thinking of wut can i do while waiting for the water to rush out from the paip.

1. I've reali try to find those ants to "kill" by but dunno where they go so i cant find any ants on my table so this -- SKIP.

2. Read newspaper bought by my roomate, word by word except economic , finished.
3. Open discman wf speaker, play music, again n again, shuffle by shuffle...finished.
4. Playing sudoku, game by game, solved, finished.
5. n now....reali hv to think properly wut shud i do on the i open d door, saw a "huo che chong" scrambling itself on d floor, ah-ha, here's come d game...use my slipper disturbed it so it'll automatically bcum "curly"..then wait till it bcum straight again, then curl , then straight....this kind of game i "play" for omos 1 hour.

6. Reali think that i'm such stupid playing d game of "huo che chong" -_-|||
then a pregnant-cat cum. go n chatting wf d cat loh...act is me zi yan zi yu....

finally comes 10pm my roomate came bek n i asked her desperately :" got water supply anot?" "wait let me go n hv a look." "yeah ! got water supply odi!!we better rush n book d toilet nw!!"

whooaaaaa..........bosan betul..meaninigless...haha..