Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More and More Med coming

Yeah !

Let's make it Short and Brief.

1. Went for UltraSound checking today, FAILED (due to some funny reasons...)
Next appointment at March .... (And this is not a very pleasant experience thou!)
2. Due to the failure reason of today trial, more and more medicine coming.

Again, why am I makes it sounds soooooo serious?

Friends, I am OK.
It's not a big matter.

Just believe and relief.


Take great care ya!

apa ni...
masih tak ok?
jaga baik baik tau

Bell, take k ah~~

Huh? 你“有” 了?

eh do what ultra sound???this seem like for pregnant plp...haha...mayb im a frog under a well gua...

long time no see but u seem like pro wo... :)

so when is the next test ? >.<"

Thanks for reading and listening~~

Gong Xi Fa Cai ^^