Sunday, April 06, 2008

Let's copied from my AhBa~~

This was just another fresh and would-be-wonderful SunDay! and the story starts today when we all were catching time to gather at the planned 7am. but only able to see each other blur faces at 730am. Well.. we did not wake up so early to do exercise, because World Health Day is not today, but tomorrow! =)

We woke up so early (at least some of us rarely wake up this early in weekdays, let alone weekend), not to do exercises, but to see people exercise and compete in a minor FutSal League, and we were the helper to the organizing committee.

This is something seemingly exciting, yet not really pleasant experience, given that the atmosphere there was really stuffy and hot! you sweat like those players who were making passes, flying in tackles and plunging to make savings in the pitch. The fan was blowing loudly, only that you felt even hotter and sweat even more as it blew over you.

Okay, everything settle after 3 hours, several fabulous goals and plays were being seen, only regret is those really were short-lived moments, no replay, you could only catch those eye-catching play once, and thats all.

After that, we went to have our lunch, nothing that great as we opted to go for Sushi King, out of all places, Sushi King. Didnt really eat much, but the bill was quite astonishing, the figure shown by it was really in a way astonishingly high, when you didnt eat that much, but have to pay that much, you really would begin to doubt the decision made moments earlier.

Oh, we did not forget to snap photo to stamp the memory of today’s event. and this is the OnLy photo we took on this extraordinaryly ‘eventful’ day.



congratulations ~~ ^_^