Sunday, June 10, 2007


I'm back to these what we called it "normal life", well at least I do so :)
After PT, feels like everything's back to normal, where it should be anyway from the time I've decided to move out.
Ya, we haven't been make out some dishes on our own, as everybody here was so busy with activities; we haven't been sit down and have a pillow talk or just simply chit-chatting for a long time, as everyone don't really have the opportunity to sit together as well; and yes, we don't haven any luxuries except -- busy, rush, tired, and frustrated on every failure and nonsense that we did, and now, we're back, all back.

This sem is nearly come to the end, in a very flashing move, final's coming. And this really makes me nervous, as I just like doing and learning nothing!!OMG!!I can't believe that again I have to enter the hall without anything in my brain!Some more I told myself in the past-sem, "Yeah, next sem i must grab pointer upon 3.5!"Guess how could i do it?sigh...

Whatever, fun is still there, said, I'm totally hopeless, helpless and frustrated, so I let myself freed for almost a week!Haha...sounds syok but Im actually super hyper syok indeed.
Sing k, window shopping, swimming, steambot-ing, sleep as much as i can, watching dramas whole day, reading long-time-friend-novel, on9-ing, chit-chatting, limteh-ing...going here and there and it really makes my place my room become the place where i come back to sleep , only. And this really sounds stupid, that life after PT becomes busier than before, but eventually, believe me, this is GREAT!

Waiting for liyeen to come back, where it means that I've to start my 3 main projects that's already waiting ahead....well...HATE THIS!
anywhere, at this moment, Im still enjoying my life geh~~haha~~