Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My schedule..FULL!

Oh gods....There're really so much things to do and I've so less time to spent! Know wut? For now and so on every Tuesday I can only wake up and attend my course at about 0640 until....7pm for my last course--TITAS, then straight away need to rush to FSSK attend d meeting which will b held on every Tuesday from 8 to 10?! Then it's just the minimum minutes that I've ready to spent...guess when it's time for me to back to my college and have a rest mayb, it's about 12am--in the midnight...Terrible..And sometimes it makes me feels like i'm really like an iron-woman ...mighty go !
And that's what I can't avoid.....

Then dunno what happened, for the past few days my fac senior had JUST announced a news to me--that I've been vote as MC for my Fac'Night, which will b held on this Saturday--which the candidate (me n my fren, both, though) have TOTALLY ZERO EXPERIENCE in giving speech or entertain fellows, which had no idea "do we need to prepare any special script for that?", that both of us just plan to do nothing and wait for the night to come and pick up da mic, speak SPONTANEOUSLY perhaps during the night....will it b successful?let's see..~~~

And for the last-past-day, I syok syok go and interviewed as UKM's Pesta Tanglung MC--it's a nice experience for me, though, for I've no idea b4 entering the room, that what would I face during d interview. I'm reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly lucky for have been chosen as the very first person to enter the room.(sounds like sarcasiastic...) For the first scene, 20++ seniors in formal wear (wearing KOT+TIE!)waiting for my entering in d air-cond-super-duple-cold-room.Knock, enter, without greeting any1, sit in d middle.

"write ur name ..... on the board pls."
"can u pls introduce urself?"
"#$%^%$&%*&()" -- that i finished in 7 secs.
"what will u do if u face *** situation?"
then here comes omos 10 situation for me to handle...well, just answer using common sense..
"can u share a joke with us on the spot?now?"
"ok so let me share somethings funny that happened on me myself : #$%^^^%&"

"thx for attending 2day's interview, we'll pass a letter for u if u've been chosen to enter the 2nd round, thank you and good-bye."

stand up, greeting thx n bye, open d door n exit.

And i think I've present my best to them, and I'm quite satisfy with that.But, I really din wish to enter the 2nd round as well..it's tiring....