Monday, August 28, 2006

blur----that's what i give d meaning to my life now~

What am I suppose to say? Well, not any special but ordinary. Everyday just busy with loads of assignments and projects, well it's kinda good and no problem to tackle with if you know what are you exactly doing or more accurately , what you should do on the next? But that's the problem, that we don't know what we should do on every assignments and projects! We get the topic, but don't know what our tutor actually want, and we just finished as what we thought it should be. Grand huh? Be a student like this is not THAT easy least you have to qualify the qualification that "YOU MUST KNOW NOTHING!" infact you sure know u understand what am i talking about? for example, it's more difficult to get straight F's that straight A's in SPM, isn't it?

And recently there's something weird happened on me..I found that everywhere I go or anywhere I visit (of course within my cat-area-college), there'll be at least 1~2cats "looking" at me...or more accurately "staring" at me..fearfully. Knowing now is still within d month of Ghost, i cant able to not-think about those scary things...and 1day it's reali so "cheh" till 1 totali black-shining-cat jump over my legs!!! damn scary! and today, i'm shock when there's a loud "bomb"--i'm sure i was not going crazy and it's totali...i'm not lying with, and i reali get a huge shock of that until i "jump" up!...and there's nothing instead of dark scene...and it's 6:51 in the morning...

planning to go back home-sweet-home on this coming Thursday, 31/8/2006, our National Day. But there's somthing halted me, that 1 of our LOVELY tutor announced that "there'll be a quiz on 1/9/2006"...will you believed that?!!!As i know others tutor are kind enuf , they change or cancel all courses for their students' welfare, and how bout us? .... Kind enuf huh? but since i'm not a good student though, "i strongly believed" that i won stay com for 2 days for the quiz...haih...bad bad gal...and i lost those marks...juz hope that i won failed in my exam ler--

tonite is my first-ever-paper since my U's life, exciting enuf....this kind of memorable moment shud b remark d..haha....wish me luck k?