Monday, October 17, 2005

6th Form Graduation Dinner 2005

It passed, finally....Waiting for so long, since last year we organised the very ever first graduation dinner for all the sixth-formers, and here comes our time, and yet, it passed, feeling "void" now...

Eerm....Before the dinner night, i heard that many sixth-formers were not reali appreciate the opportunity for us to gather together, for the very last time before STPM, saying wanna ganbate for their exam, ( Some say this is typical kia-su attitude of students ) but, however, this night, more accurately last night, was a reali star-shinning -good-clean-fun night ! I cant even recognised some of my frens after marvelous make-up ! SinLing, KaeLing, JingWen, YinFei, YiMiao, ChiewWay.........Wow ! That onli I found that all frens around me are sooooo pretty and handsome!Even MeeSan and Hazel oso make me "eye-in-front-shinning" !! This is the first time i saw them finally put some paints on their faces! haha....MeeSan, mum and dad said u really pretty ler ! No lies ! Hazel , mum said u pannai choose da dress and da dress make you fabulous ! ChiouLing's dress abit princess like, haha....cutie style! Some may ask why we 4 oways stay together ler? Well, this is bcoz, we share the same camera, so have and had to stay together loh!

Eerm, actually i'm quite satisfy with my simple look lar--simple dress, simple hair-do, simple make-up--everything no surprising. ( cant imagine me with heavily made up and overdressed ) Well, a little bit "yi han" is, some of the pics seems double images, weird, KO, and that's my (our?) 101 pieces of pic with sbd else, geramnya ! But luckily most of my frens brought their camera along, so i can buy from them too..YEAH ! tin wu jue ren zhi lu...

Then came the time when all 2003/2004 Sixth Form Society AJK have to sing this year graduation song on da stage.."Fei Yue" It's a nice song, though. Reali in a high spirit, when we sang on da stage, seems like e'thing's gonna be end soon...Heard Jess said, some even cried when they sang the song together.Ya..moments of touching. Guess wut? Another song flashed into my mind at that time -- "不要问,不要说,一切尽在不言中....."

Well, that's a reali fabulous night. Feeling regret and guilty for longing for this night and din study in this critical time geh...but luckily i enjoyed myself in d night, so...eerr....nvm lar....RELAX abit loh !

P/S : Yes!!Finally grabbed a chance to take pic wf all the lovely +funny teachers !
Mr Hee looks sooooooooooo handsome and gentleman...HAHA..Hazel odi falled in luv wf Mr Hee and oways nudged me " wei! take pic wf mr hee arr !"
Mr ESTAN...haha...his head shinning 1 ! Hazel said he apply some oil to make it shinning like Vin Diesel ( I added the last sentence)
Andy Lau's brother -- Mr.Liew seems vl "decent" tonight, before this, i keep on imagine wut pose will he posing when we grab him to take d pic....aiya...he jz stand and smile liddat...I tot he'll act like a baseball player geh...haha........not fun loh~~ bleh bleh
Pn.Lau&Pn.Chee cant escaped from our class member, everybody seems like wanna take pic wf this 2 leng sou. Terrible ler, we kept the pose and smile for few mins ! Mouth harden nia !
Then Pn Suguna...pity her, hv to wear the "thing" while taking memorable pics wf us...but nvm ler~~~still leng lui~~~

---The End----



have an unforgotable night? :)

wawawa~~ no lar, where got fall in luv , juz "yang mu" onli mah...u oso feel mr.hee very nice mah, dont u? yaloh, creme very "shu nu" tat night... aiya, unluckily ur "nan shen" not there... bu ran... wawawa~~
the most "gao xiao" was pn. suguna...haha the photo we took wif her...the "thing" around her head..hahaha..u noe i noe good lar..

Snoopy--of coz unforgetable ler~~~longing for so long since last year ! can take pics wf many frens~~

Hazel : u arr...reali arr...lou ngan fen fa izzit? cant u see her neck same color wf face meh?wahaha.....