Sunday, August 21, 2005


Oh Please ! Just watched the Miss Malaysia Chinatown/International 2005, I can only say that : The standard was sooooooo damn low, just like playing the sliding board, straight away slide to the i see it, the "pretty miss" is just a name, in fact, all the girls are so ordinary, we can see these kind of gals e'where and a'time! I think there are much more pretty gals in my skool? Or in my area? But not those who're standing on the stage ! It doens't mean that i'm pretty, but be an onlooker (bside the tv), i just think that, they better go back to home..haha...Mum and dad kept on critic on their behavior, body shape ( WOW! what a big mouth woman!U see U see, one of her teeth's black !Her waist is just like a tong !U see her buttock, many children's mum was her?.......)Terrible, but still, have to praise them for their courage...hehe...

At the very last section, come to the most exciting part : Q&A section. What a mess....I just can remember there's a Q : What would you do if you have been asked to introduce Malaysia to foreigners? The miss answer: I will bring them to try the Malaysia's local food, introduce the most beautiful seaside for them, ...... Zzzzz....Does she have any better answer than this? And ...quite irrelavant i think? Another Q :What would you do if you have been asked to promote Chinese Culture? Here it goes : Hello e'body ! Let me ask you ALL a question, why are you've been here? What function are we gotta held tonite? Yeah, you're right ! Miss Malaysia Chinatown/ International 2005 ! This is an example for how to promote our Chinese Culture! By doing so, we can let other people know our unique culture by our dressing..........-_- Oh Please ! Do you really think that competition like this does help ? I don't think so loh...! Will you please asked yourself b4 answering: Why am i here?.......What a stupid answer...Beh tahan...

Just cant compete with those Miss Universal! Oh....Miss Georgia~~~