Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Short Sharing about Rotorua

Rotorua (from Maori: Te Rotorua-nui-a-Kahumatamomoe, "The second great lake of Kahumatamomoe") is one place where the turbulent forces that formed New Zealand are most evident. This city, on the Volcanic Plateau, has one of the world's most lively fields of geothermal activity. Skyrocketing geysers, hot springs and boiling mud pools all tell you that this place sits squarely on the Pacific Rim of Fire.

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So I've been staying on this fire-hot-city for the past week but guess what, instead of hot, it's actually windy and the breeze of Autumn fresh filled with rotten egg smell (due to the Sulfuric down there) can't stop filling in my nostrils...(I words are just ugly..I know..)

So I heard this little Maori city is filled with many love stories huh...(But where is mine?!!)

Kuirao Park

Tamahika, son of Tutea who was the first to set up permanent residence at the spot, had a beautiful young wife named Kuiarau. One day as Kuiarau was bathing in Taokahu a taniwha (legendary water monster) seized her and dragged her down to his lair below the lake. The gods, observing the struggle between Kuirau and the taniwha, became angry and caused the lake to begin to boil so the taniwha would be destroyed forever. From that time the lake and the land surrounding it has been known by the name of Tamahika's lost wife, Kuiarau or Kuirau as it is now known.

The boiled lake

Ohinemutu Maori's Village

Something happened when we accidentally bumped into this little village. We are just too amazed with the breathtaking scene and totally ignore that we are actually walking from their backyard, into their house area, and wish that nobody can see us until we reached the main road. Guess that is just not our day. The owner come back and was so surprised to see three of us coming out from his little garden and can't help himself to shout at us "PRIVATE PROPERTY!" So we quickly ran away without saying so-rry such a shame! LOL

And it's quite a scary experience coz Maori's has alot of DON'T and I'm so afraid that we already standing on the bomb without ourselves knowing it and I'm so afraid that Imma be the first Malaysian to be the menu on their Hangi. LMAO.

(Hangi - Maori's traditional way of cooking food using heated rocks buried in a pit oven)

Alas, all of these worth for throwing myself in horror situation XD

If you've read the book "273" you might probably know what is this building. Please forget me for forgetting it.

Maori's meeting place, which is a non-entry area.

So my friend told me that every flower in black is being cursed. So in the story of "Beauty and the Beast" Belle just need to do something to un-spell it. But it's not me ofcourse XD

Look at the spectacular BLUE! Opps....I didn't meant to be disrespect you...but the colour is just too awesome!

Maori's statue. Fierce face, red long tongue, big ling-long eyes, trying to scare people (like me) off.

Spectacular Mud Pool (Busuk sampai tak boleh tahan)

You've seen many normal hot spring pool, but this one, the very famous pool-type in Rotorua, is actually very GAO, is mud. So imagine you put yourself in this super muddy pool, whole body will become grey-avatar lo...

Don't think that in this angmo country people can get drunk anywhere ar.....kena saman baru tahu!

Lake Rotorua

One of the famous lake in NZ. I called it Black Swan Lake.

Many many many many black swan...And stupid me crazy ever dance ballet beside the lake (AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DANCE! just turn round and round like fat-ass-crazy-woman XD okay it's only 5 sec)

I think, this photo is so much like a postcard, my masterpiece!

I guess, I will be back :)


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