Thursday, June 29, 2006

They offered me this

It's been a week ago since I get my offer letter from the goverment about where and what I use to study for 3 years ahead -- Teknologi dan Sains Maklumat ( Sains dan pengurusan sistem )-- Should be grateful for I finally get my answer? Well, quite but still got abit you know, this's not that good among those "good-choices" but I've to accept it as I din have that good-enough-qualification also.

Compare with those U-rejected friends, i believed I'm lucky. These few days busy going here and there , open bank account for ptptn, get cert-certified, buying those needed , take pics as we booked it earlier (half year ago),have gathering wf frens and packup all things into those baggy bags..dunno how 2 spent my time accordingly just feels like --"eerm..skools gonna be opening soon..i'm bek to skool life."--dat's means BORING!!

izzit?i dunno but i suppose it will be another turning path and journey for me. As i'm growing older n older( sumkind of negatively thinkin), feels like lazy to accept new things n envi like those old ages (altot not much changing too..)but still, i'm ready to accept roomates mayb? jz feels like boring n uninteresting when thinking of there's lotz of assignment waiting ahead, less holidays, no salary, no shopping e'day(at least e'week?),exam(s),KK works.....ARRRRRRR.......jz BORING!!

but changing for another way of thinking, it's quite nice also lar at least that's my time to lead a brand new lifestyle, not bad huh?i

I change a look for my this little blog space, hope there's also a brand new start of my 20th beginner's life. Cheer Up !!!