Thursday, June 08, 2006

How honest you suppose to be in a relationship?

Recently some of this think-able question flashed into my mind. I asked ( or most of the time they asked me ) my friends that very question. Here are their answers: “It’s not the matter whether you honest or not, it’s about how much you trust him/her” ; “be honest when you should be and throw a sincere-lie when you think you should be too”; and a derisive laugh that says it all.

We don’t tell you everything as a matter of policy, arrived at over many generations and reinforced by bitter experience of times when we tell you things we really know we shouldn’t. For example :“Tonight I’m hanging out with my old-boy-friend,” “Is him really just a friend to you?” here starts a void-able argument.

Is it men will be extraordinary-sensitive when they’re feeling unsafety? Or better explaning-using “UN-SURE-ABLE” state in their belonging’s ? Well for sure you guys are using the wrong way to protect your statue. Once you’ve overstepping into the wrong area, you’ll get stuck and perhaps it’ll be no-turning-back way to continue your relationship, anymore. One of my friend just felt bored and really can’t withstand with this situation – every single hour is being asked by “where are you?” “what are you doing?” “Can you accompany me?” “having lunch with me?”……

Oh God! Saying she still have her own freedom to make friends and hang out with gangs! It’s a mistaken when you guys feel that that’s what a girlfriend should do when you are in a relationship ( what I mean here is being together—all the time!). You’re using your romance-thinking wrongly! Should spent it in the other way I guess? Better than controlling your maybe-soul-mate like this?

So sometimes it’s not the matter of we don’t tell you everything just that what will we get when we tell you something that you’re not really open to listen or ready to accept? Blame? Your response!