Sunday, July 01, 2012

Queen's Day; we have fun at Picton ^^

I'm not sorry for being such a super duple lazy blogger as I'm having a super duple good life here. I said it and I meant it but I won't stop it (OPPS sorry to my dearest friends and family I'm gonna abandon you guys for a longer time then)

That was really so awful to see my last update was actually month(s) ago?
Laziness really did kills!

And I couldn't help myself feeling extremely excited to know that @珊人妻 @Beverly (<- see the sign? A common trauma of being a FB user XD) finally gave birth to 2 super cute babies!! A B.I.G congrats to them!!

Haha anyway I'm not ready to come back to the blogosphere yet just to let you guys know I'm still alive that's the whole matter of it :)

YUP I quit-ted my job as a professional mussel opener jor XD
So now whenever you guys think of mussels or whenever you guys pay a visit to Jogoya Tenji Nagoya BlaBlaBla you just can't stop thinking bout me huh~

Alright I should really stop bullshitting around...

is a town close to the head of Queen Charlotte Sound near the north-east corner of the South Island. This is the only harbour you'll stop by whenever you took a ferry to reach the South from the North.

Well, basically, this town was that small and ... not much to do - lor.
And we always have the power of SS so -- no problem at all even though the place has nothing much to play XD

#1 My landlord's family. Alfred, Angela and Donovan.
Nice and cute Malaysian family, from Ipoh too!

#2 OKAY OKAY!! This was way too fast too furious for this wee game!!
So you can FEEL we really having a VERY GOOD TIME here hahahaha

#3 Nah nah nah

#4 Danny O'Connor from England. Argh look at the blue eyes.....feels like wanna gorek it out lor!
Benci betul LOL!

#5 the lovely couple ^^ Danny & Wing

#6 We actually spent like 1-2 hours at the park doing all this kind of stuffs......@@

#7 And then have our lunch at The Flying Haggis

#8 So-so jek

#9 Picton Marlborough Sounds Jetty

#10 Having yummy ice cream at Indulge Ice Cream Parlour
It's so cold and windy out there you know!

#11 =Spoiler= Still eating the ice cream and do-ing like there's nobody out there

#12 And then, back to Blenheim, having an evening walk at Pollard Park, Blenheim
Guess this is the most beautiful park around this city.

Happy Birthday to the Queen!


seems like a very fun outing ^^

You quite enjoy your WH

Wai : Sure gonna enjoy aboh how oo?