Saturday, March 10, 2012

Working at Levin

Ain’t gonna be a where-to-play post, but this entry is about my job at Levin, still a sharing huh?

Basically we are hired by a company named Kapiti Green Ltd to harvest the mature vege, Zucchini.
I’m totally unsure about what is a Zucchini (Was it a Japanese food or something?) until I saw it…
No! Should I say until I tasted it?

First of all, let me show you, what is a farm.

See? Say me a kampong girl, but this is actually my first time seeing such a HUGE vegetable farm.
And this is just a SMALL corner of the farm
If you count this as 10 rows, I bet you, there're 100 of them in total.

My granny used to have a small corner to grow some organic vegetables for homey used, but it’s not a thing to compare with this hahahaha

Next question, what is Zucchini?

[Photo from Google Image]

It’s a small cucumber-shaped vegetable marrow; typically dark green, whose fruit are eaten when small.

Gosh you know how much I hate and love Zucchini now?

The picture you see above is a new farm where my beloved Zucchini whose suppose to bring me money is still a small breed. When it’s fully grown, well, not much different with the pictures below.

Just the leaves are bigger, the stems getting stronger, and the Zucchini grows longer and fatter.

And to my surprise, this vege was really a …. Weirdo course it can grows SOOOOO BIG within one day.

[Photo from Google Image]

It’s like today you see a small baby cucumber, tomorrow you’ll see a huge, really HUGE melon. And this huge melon is useless so we normally just cut and throw it away.

And I was telling my boss, “If you don’t mind, I can take this HUGE MELON go back home and make dong gua long ngan (Melon Longan)” But of course, it’s not a melon but Zucchini @@

Okay, here’s a stop.
See you again. More farmer life is to be expected.

Good Luck.


Zucchini is my fav and I can eat it raw almost everywhere.

WOW, can it really grow that big in one day??? @_@

西葫蘆(Zucchini或Courgette,學名:Cucurbita pepo),又稱北瓜、櫛瓜或夏南瓜,香港稱為翠玉瓜,葫蘆科南瓜屬植物。可以食用。

Oh gosh, i "wiki" it.


Nava - really? Where are you come from? Cz i'm from malaysia and i seem like couldn't find it else where?

idyllrain - it doubles in one day.

wai - 哈哈,没听过是不是?不是我井底之蛙吧?

蜜蜂王子 - 够死了啦

ahahaha the huge melon so cute >.<

You can find them at supermarket dear (i.e: Jusco).