Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Best Chip Shop in NZ - Oppie's

Another leisure shopping day in this city (Rotorua). Still, not gonna show you how does this city looks like because I myself haven’t start to explore it well. But, allowed me to introduce you the so-called famous-popular-tasty-healthiest Fish n Chips of this City – Oppie’s.

Oppie’s ( 川粤美食 ) is a very-chinese-style restaurant that served western-fusion-food which ran by a Chinese family. Please don’t ask me the history behind in details because I have no intention to know but just to try their food. However, Micheal Huang, the owner of Oppie’s, had this struck in his head back on 1990s, where he decided to open a restaurant that sell fish n chips which everybody likes it. And since then with so much trials and efforts, Oppie’s won so many The Best Awards that you can actually have a look from their gallery wall.

Isn't it fantastic?

 2011 – The Chip Group – Best Chip Shop in New Zealand 
goes to Oppie's!

Oppssss and I snapped the whole menu for you.

We ordered Mix Seafood Platter and Fish Snack Box.

Oppie’s offered Takeaway services, but wait. Waiting for 30 minutes in fine-dine restaurant would not be a problem but 30 minutes in fast food restaurant is torturing, especially when we’re so starving.
Anyway, you can visit their gallery while waiting like me, snap here and there XD

Finally, It’s served! Wow!

Maybe I’m too hungry-already, I think this is quite simple but nice? Okay, at least the chips are big n fat n crunchy n tasty.

Personally I don’t like fish n chips, at all. My first trial on fish n chips was so painful that my mouth was full with fishy smell and I had to give it away to the little stray kittens outside my house. But this fish Hoki was just – nice. I couldn’t give much words on this fish Hoki because I think McDonald’s Fish n Chips burger served the same taste as this…it’s just nothing special but big n fat n juicy n hot n not fishy n CHEAP with the price of only $20.80 for 3 persons (Okay, I know this is a little bit pricey when I can get 2kgs Royal Gala Apple with only $2.99) 

Anyway, we're so blurp after this meal. CARBS & CARBS & CARBS.

You'll never know, finding something cheap and tasty to eat at here is like playing treasure hunting.
It’s luxurious for a damn broke person like me but hey, once in a blue moon okay?


y u like very free de? no need working de leh? so shuang!!!!

i told u i now no work "work" is help ppl do house cleaning for 2-3 hours in the morning oni ma

Huge portion!!! Pretty tempting! Enjoy your life in NZ~~

Wonderful walk around in New Zealand and that portion looks like I can with another person.

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing....

when im at tepuke, always go to tauranga fish market to eat fish n chips!!
OMG its super nice and tasty~~
tapao for me please~~

@蜜蜂王子 i know u miss it very berry much XD

ahahaha skills + research are always needed to hunt for cheap and nice food ;)