Friday, October 15, 2010

Theobroma Chocolate

They say that, at Theobroma's you can taste the difference...

The story was about indulgence, enjoy, and experience...

Together with the best coffee and finest chocolate, feel the breeze, could You?

Mug 'n' Warmer
Ms Coco Mocha RM12.90
Belgian Dark Mocha

Fair Lady Mocha Frappe RM12.90
Belgian Milk Mocha Frappe

Snow White Mocha Frappe RM12.90
Belgian White Mocha Frappe

Bittersweet? Chili? Liqueur?
Chocolate desert melted your heart, as It always does.

Theobroma Chocolate


我上星期才在Sunway Pyramid享用这家的巧克力而已呢! :P


looks nice.. wanna try one day =)

i haven't try that...but i love chocolates

yummy yum yum~~~


i prefer hot chocolate milk
not too sweet 1 and hot hot 1~
arh!!!!!!can't wait too have it~

coca mocha is making me droollllllllll to the max!!

food serve there also not bad...
do try the crepe ^^