Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lets tell a story today...

once upon a time, there was a young, chinese girl, named creme. she attended the national university of Malaysia and it was midterm season. one evening, although she told herself to study for her programming midterm which was to happen the next day, she ended up spending her time chatting and get know of some new friends, and this busybody girl get her message that she'll be having a meeting some minutes after that. Uh Oh!

so the next morning, she woke up and glanced over her notes and without worked on any questions. she was very relaxed about this entire programming midterm situation. needless to say, she didn't study for the midterm as much as she probably should have. she walked into her programming examination room and mostly relied on all her prior programming knowledge (which wasn't too shabby). she prayed about her programming midterm, but of course she knew that God only helps those who help themselves, and forgot to mention that, she's actuali a free-thinker. (reali holy pray for that!)

but the lesson to be learned here, my dear friends, is that procrastinating will not usually brings you, no procrastinating!


oioioi , guess who am i .... i noe oooooo!!!walau eh...9969 pulak...