Thursday, March 23, 2006


Since hazel said she likes my spec so much, well now jz nth to do so post up sth about my specs.

this is da spec dat hazel said she likes it....well it's actually made up of 2 colors--purple at da outta surface n pink at da inner surface.....picture 1, can u c it?

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this is another spec ..borrowed from loonzy
well for this spec actually hazel said not suit for me....nice for others but not for me.ya i agree wf's green in color n hv some kind of leopard spottish pattern around da frame.kinda special~~


u ar... really ar.. hak sei wo.. suddenly a big spec in front of me..haha... once again .. really nice... hehe..

abathen?post it cz u said u like it mar...wahaha...yaloh rmb suiyen she oso said it's kinda nice oo~~