Monday, July 18, 2005

Today is 18th July,2005, a nothing-special-day, but for me, or all upper sixes in Malaysia who took the MUET test in May, today is the result-releasing day. Honestly, I've really no idea -- no feeling about this, neither because I'm too confident with my English ( in fact me myself know that my English is not good at all, i just don't know why everybody just think that i'm good sense in that ) nor I'm not nervous about that, it just that i already have the worst decision: retake the exam if the result is bad. For God sake, i get a band 5 in it. It's ridiculous right? All of my mind decided that "i'm gonna retake it,i'm gonna retake it" and yet i get a band 5...although i'm just passed the boundary.
It's lucky, though, but it's a bit sad,too, because some of my pals din really get their ideal result. They are the band-5-owner in usual test but somehow don't know why they just get band 4....i'm really sorry about that...Szyen, I know your place, you are certainly not a band 4 student, you can easily get band 5 or mayb band 6 if that day you're not tired, really. LiWearn, you also the same. Don't be frustrated because of that, we all know where you should be in, it's definitely not your place. You know guys? All these really make me feel sick. i just feel guilty with my lucky-result! It just like i'm not qualify enough to get this....if compare with you all...aiikkss....:<
Anywhere, for my another best friend---hazel, you do, think twice, before you decide to retake the exam! coz today i heard another senior said, the authorities will take your latest result, not the best's a bet, isn't it?Anywhere, you do your decision, and we'll surely give you our whole-heart-supportment~~~


i really hesitate now.. i dunno whether i should retake or not...u know la..libra hard to make decision mah...
really difficult, you know? if you get the result like mine, will you retake? i think you will sure retake ,right?
let me think think first...
actually dont feel that you are lucky.. you deserved least i considered that..