Sunday, July 03, 2005

so bored recently..thinking of reading da books all over again,preparing 4 da stpm..but somehow juz cant make up my mind in doin' it...
"berjuta bintang menyanyi..ku di antara yang satu....gemilang suara keyakinan kian dalam...gementar harus jangan..jiwaku harus bertenaga..kita kini..menjadi realiti~~~~" song by JACLYN VICTOR -- da 1st malaysian idol...juz download this songs from a website, it's a live version. n i like da live version more than the "gemilang" in her latest release album...da cd version. da cd's version juz make me feel that jac haven sang her best 4 ohm at all...but the live version--which she sang on da stage at the! cant compare wf any other ! like this song so much ! n dat's da time i falled in luv wf malay song~~~
n here..another malay song in my mind .. "pudar" by Rossa. this song is light, spiritful, happy n it's very suitable 4 u 2 listen when u r in a down mood...dunno y juz feel so happy n wish 2 sing along wf her~~~lalala~~~
n i'm interested in 2 albums rite now--- "X&Y" by coldplay n BSB'S "nevergone" wut 2 do? no $$....hv 2 wait lar....aiikss..