Saturday, October 09, 2010

Clinique Foundation for Great Skin?

...or Great Skin for Clinique Foundation?

I always have a doubt upon make-up base.
Is great skin makes the foundation so flawless perfect or vice-verse, the fact is the other way round?

Please lar, we all know that the ads are so ads and models are so S, more of the time supported by the power of PS or...some other more professional editing tool de lor =.=

Anyway, Can't lose a chance to get a free redemption right?
So here I am.

Not really sure what this means, is it I can get another 7-day supply of this custom-fit foundation formula with this little tiny bottle ?


SEE !!
such a KICIT-MAYUNG bottle....

WHAT DO YOU EXPECT for free redemption o.O?

By the way,
A B.I.G Congratulation to My Sweetest Jessie for tomorrow she finally officially end her student's life~

OKlar I know I am so flippant in choosing your convo gift, but isn't it great end up with something you really need and we didn't waste a single cent buying something wasted?

M.A.C Studio Sculpt Foundation

(Sorry Jess, is it this one jor?)
And after get this MAC in hand, she's asking
"Gosh! Is MAC better or Bobbi instead?"

Well, I'm not so sure about this, but I heard the foundation for Bobbi works well for double-double duty?

P/S : Walk in Charles & Keith today, found a lovely light brown satchel and green tote and now I still crossing fingers, thinking and wondering, hoping for a tinkling, which one should I opt for ??
Any idea, my friend?

Let's call it a day, I seriously need some sleep(s.s.s.s.z.z.z.z.z) now...

Thanks for reading !


Er..i think different products will give different effect to the skin bha..=D


习惯了.....不过吃了早餐过后就想睡了 ==

I tried Mac and Bobbi Brown foundation before, i think they both work ok, slightly above average, but I personally prefer YSL & Chanel ;) Try them if you have a chance next time, I'm sure you'll like it~~

p/s: Thank you so much for your righteous comment! It touches me, and if I could choose the best comment of all time, I'll rank yours the very first! Thanks again. Hugs~~

曾经写稿给v-mag获刊登,并获得两盒(盒?)Bobbi Brown foundation,一盒给妈妈,一盒给表妹,她们都很喜欢,说什么给人感觉很natural(natural?)。哎呀,反正一般男生不懂就是了。