Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Should I declare today as my Lucky-Tuesday?

Check my mailbox as usual, and I found this.

This is to inform you that MS LEE HUEH YU has transferred RM50 to your Maybank account on 11 Jun 2008 via Maybank2u.com. Please check your account balance.

I was wondered who bank in for me when I withdrawed the money from the bank. And today, yes, it was today, the answer's clear !

Who is MS LEE? I swear I don't know this person and I remember not even one should bank in for me except my parents? Apparently she's doing wrong stuff huh?

Kekez...And I found no way to return as I don't even know her bank account, so I take it for granted~~haha~~

P/S : Why don't she make it RM500 / RM 5000 ler?haiyo...proof that human's basic instint --GREEDY!! hohoho~~


oh dear...
lucky for u
but unlucky for her ~

aww. thx for dropping by ya. ur blog is cute.. lots of ur pic!!
i will link u up ya!

good to take from ppl, beware you dun become the next victim urself, you receive, you give

haiyo...i bukan tak nak pay back, but reali CANT do so mar!! say like i so 没心肝 :(

so lucky ar~~
i oso wan ppl banking to me~

dear..u realli lucky..im waiting thoe thg happen on me..hahah..
anyway..realli lucky n as a greand for u lo...act like "shen dan lao gong gong gf u d christmas present oo...



y no ppl bank in to me d? haiz, u so lucky, remember treat ppl eat oh. hoho

maybe she forgot to put another
"zero " =)

这case让我想起上两个月,我的sponsor bank in 了两次零用钱给我,多出了$3600++,还我开心半天,怎知他过后发现道,又抽掉了,哎呀呀。。。